Interested in Becoming a Clinical Study Participant?

Interested in Becoming a Clinical Study Participant?

Clinical Study Participant Information: The Full Guide

Clinical studies are a great way to get access to cutting-edge treatments related to a condition you may be suffering from. Clinical study participants can also earn extra cash for their time and travel, find a new way to treat their condition if nothing else has worked, and participate in the advancement of medical science. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, we are looking for you! Dallas Clinical Research is currently enrolling participants for a number of clinical trials, and you may be our next perfect fit. Keep reading to learn more about how to become a clinical study participant and where to sign up today!

What Are Clinical Studies and Phases?

Clinical research is medical research that involves people like you. When you volunteer to take part in clinical research, you help doctors and researchers learn more about disease and improve health care for people in the future. Clinical research includes all research that involves people.

Clinical trials are conducted in a series of steps called “phases.” Each phase has a different purpose and helps researchers answer different questions.

  • Phase I trials: Researchers test a drug or treatment in a small group of people (20–80) for the first time. The purpose is to study the drug or treatment to learn about safety and identify side effects.
  • Phase II trials: The new drug or treatment is given to a larger group of people (100–300) to determine its effectiveness and to further study its safety.
  • Phase III trials: The new drug or treatment is given to large groups of people (1,000–3,000) to confirm its effectiveness, monitor side effects, compare it with standard or similar treatments, and collect information that will allow the new drug or treatment to be used safely.
  • Phase IV trials: After a drug is approved by the FDA and made available to the public, researchers track its safety in the general population, seeking more information about a drug or treatment’s benefits and optimal use.

What is Generally Expected of a Clinical Study Participant?

Becoming a study participant is easy: All you have to do is meet the study guidelines, and you will be asked to become a participant. Generally, this includes speaking with a member of our team over the phone to pre-qualify, as well as coming to our clinic for a free medical exam to determine your eligibility. If you are asked to become a participant, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Complimentary consultation and health exam
  • Complimentary comprehensive lab reports
  • Complimentary medicines related to our study
  • Guaranteed monetary compensation for your time and travel

All of the studies at Dallas Clinical Research adhere to all industry safety standards, are FDA-governed and sanctioned, are HIPPA-compliant, and are confidential.

Where Do I Sign Up to Become a Clinical Study Participant?

If you’re ready to become a participant, all you have to do is click here to provide us with your contact information. A member of our team will contact you to conduct the initial pre-qualifying screening call.

For more information, visit us at!

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